Engagement Models

Engagement Models

This is typically Onsite engagement.

Our team of experts would be deployed at the Client location and integrated with the Client teams.

Good for short term engagements.

The execution and deliverables come from our Delivery Centre in Hyderabad and flexible to open in other Client locations.

Client identifies a design function or identifies a sizable task.

Client will have control over the development of the project.

We remain flexible in changing the scope of the project to keep up with the Client as well as swiftly reacting to new market trends.

Good for a long term engagement.

Milestone based or KPI/PPA ownership.

Customer identifies a particular aspect of the project to be outsourced.

Execution typically happens at our Delivery Centre.

Fixed price and schedule are integral to this model.

Example : Customer wants to analyse the Functional Safety changes to their design so that the product is ISO26262 compliant

Syniotic is flexible in adapting the engagement model that best fits Customer needs.

Any of the models can be mix-and-match for onsite and offsite engagement that gives best results to the Customer.

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